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Water Softener & Filters

Water Softener & Filters

Water Softeners Las VegasLas Vegas is known for its notoriously hard water which is not only unsafe for your health through drinking and showering, but also results in damaging laundry; making cleansers such as soaps, laundry detergents, and household cleansers less effective; and can cause clogged drains. Call us today for a free quote.

Many households opt for water softeners in Las Vegas due to the prevalence of hard water in the area. You may have heard of hard water before, but if you don’t know exactly what hard water is, you’re not alone.

Hard water is a term used for water that contains larger than usual amounts of certain minerals. It is created when water (usually in a body of water like a lake or river) is filtered through natural mineral deposits such as limestone. While flowing through the mineral deposits, it picks up fragments of calcium and magnesium. While these minerals aren’t toxic, they can definitely cause problems around the home.

Many families decide to install a water softener in their home in Las Vegas because they find it difficult to work up a lather with their soap while bathing. This lack of suds is one of the side effects of hard water. Others include a chalky build up or “scale” on dishes and glassware and a rougher texture of water while showering. Though perhaps the most costly effect of hard water could be the damage to pipes and appliances caused by the calcification or hardening of the mineral deposits. Those who have not utilized a quality Las Vegas water softener service could be forced into some expensive plumbing repairs that could have otherwise been prevented.

Why does Las Vegas have hard water? It’s because 90% of the water for the area comes directly from Lake Mead. The water from this lake comes from the Colorado River, which originates in the snow caps of the Rocky Mountains. As the snow melts, the water absorbs the mineral deposits and holds onto them all the way until the water reaches Lake Mead.

Water softeners are fantastic for your home, but they are not something that cannot be installed by a do-it-yourselfer. Because the installation could involve adjustments to gas piping or thermal expansion valves, an improper installation might cause an explosion. The best idea is to find a quality, experienced water softener company like Priority Services of Las Vegas to perform the installation carefully and effectively.

Home Water Filtration

In addition to softening water, we also install whole-home water filtration. You could filter your water at the faucet or you could filter it before it even enters the home. By filtering water before it enters your home, you prevent other contaminants from damaging the pipes within your own home.

Give us a call today to get a master plumber to discuss your water softening and filtration options.