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At Priority Services of Las Vegas, we’re your friendly, affordable, and efficient source for water leak repair. Whether you are seeing pools of water or just suspecting a water leak, we can locate, diagnose, and fix plumbing leaks of all sizes. Don’t wait. Let us fix those leaking pipes before they become a bigger, costlier problem.

Common Reasons For Household Water Leaks

Just one advantage to relying on your Priority Services of Las Vegas repair technician is our experience. We have fifteen years of knowledge ready to serve you. Don’t count on an inexperienced plumber who will waste your time and play an expensive guessing game with your systems. Choose us, the pipe leak experts. Some of the most common reasons you may be experiencing a plumbing leak include:

  • Aging Plumbing Pipes And Fixtures
  • Cracked Or Frozen Water Pipes
  • Worn Plumbing Fixture Threads
  • Corroded Or Clogged Pipes
  • Water Pressure Problems

Leaky Appliances Cost You Money

You’ve either invested in or inherited a house full of appliances that continue to cost you money if they are allowed to leak. Leaking appliances are more than an annoyance. They are money down the drain in water bill costs or future home repairs. A drippy dishwasher, loose refrigerator water connection, or leaky washing machine are a mess for your home and your wallet.

Save Your Money, Your Property & Your Health

Pipe leak repair needs to be performed quickly by an experienced professional to not only save your money but also save your property value and your health. That leaky toilet can cause layers of flooring damage. Bath fixture leaks can cause rust damage or seep into layers of drywall. Undiagnosed pipe leaks can reach to the foundation of your home causing expensive structural damage. Water damage is also the perfect breeding ground for toxic molds putting you or your family at risk.

Call Us For Quick Water Leak Repair

Trust Priority Services of Las Vegas for your water leak repair service. We look forward to showing you the difference with our knowledgeable staff and years of experience, we can save you time and money. Don’t let that little leak become a big problem. We’re here to quickly and affordably address any plumbing issues you may have. Contact us today to schedule your service.


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