Sewer Line Repair

A clogged or broken sewer line can lead to significant drainage and property damage issues. Imagine not being able to flush your toilet for fear of a backup or having sewage come up through your open drains. You’ll want those pipes fixed as soon as possible.

Our expert plumbers have the tools and expertise to assess the situation and solve the problem.

Common Causes Of Sewer Line Problems

Sewer pipes wear out over time. Lines become corroded, or the seals around the joints fail.  Tree roots can find their way into the pipe joints and grow and expand, feeding on the mineral-rich sewage.

Shifting soil can create bends called a belly, through the natural settling of the soil or increased traffic from above. Such distortions in the pipe can lead to inefficient drainage and even breaks. They can also sink unevenly causing sewage backup at the low points.

Older homes, especially those built in the 1950s might use clay or cast iron pipe which is prone to failure over time. Some of these homes even used Orangeburg pipe. Made from wood pulp and pitch, Orangeburg pipe materials were then pressed together. These types of pipes are subject to corrosion and breakdown.

sewer line broken by tree root
Tree roots can expand inside a sewer line, creating clogs and ultimately damaging the pipe.

Warning Signs

Sometimes, these problems are caused by our bad habits, like using the toilet as a trash can. Sewage systems are only designed to handle human waste and toilet paper.

Many people flush plastics and wipes that snap or get caught on the interior of the pipe, leading to backups and slow drainage.

One common reason for drain line repairs is pouring grease down the kitchen drain. Grease and oil collect and harden inside the pipes, clogging your drains.

Below are eight common warning signs of sewer line issues.

  • An odd dip or bulge in your lawn.
  • Flushing the toilet causes water to back up in the tub or shower.
  • A soggy patch of grass when it hasn’t rained or snowed.
  • Multiple fixtures are clogged at the same time.
  • Toilet water starts to bubble.
  • Gurgling noises when flushing toilet or draining tub or shower.
  • A drain that frequently backs up.
  • Smelling sewage in or around the house.

Remember, these are just surface-level symptoms. The pipes themselves must be examined to figure out the true nature of the problem. A professional plumber needs to perform a thorough inspection to determine whether your sewer line can be repaired or if a replacement is required.

clogged drains

If you experience clogged drains in different areas of your house, such as the kitchen and bathroom, this is a sign of a main line sewer problem.

Sewer Line Repair or Replacement

One way to determine the severity of your drainage problem is by using a camera to inspect the inside of the pipe. A digital camera threaded through your sewer line will display:

  • Cracks, holes, or breaks
  • Sections of the pipe that have collapsed
  • Any tree roots inside the pipe

Does My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover the Cost of Sewer Line Repairs or Replacement?

In most circumstances, the answer is “no.” If there was a natural event, such as a flood or earthquake that caused the damage…speak with your insurance company.  Some policies carry riders that cover flood or earthquake damage.  Again, talk with your insurance agent to get clarification about your homeowner’s insurance coverage.

How Deep is a Main Sewer Line Buried?

Your main sewer line can be buried anywhere from 1 ½ to 3 feet. When performing a repair or replacement, plumbers will dig around the pipe but not underneath. Why? All sewer lines are built with a slope to move waste down to the city’s main sewer line. By maintaining the slope, a plumber ensures effective drainage from your home.

Who is Responsible for Main Sewer Line?

The City of Las Vegas Government website, states that:

Maintenance of sewer lines between the sewer main and the home/facility is the property owner’s responsibility.

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