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Emergency Plumbing

Emergency Plumber Las VegasSometimes, a pipe can burst for no clear reason. There are also instances where a basement has been flooded overnight. Whatever the cause, this is a plumbing emergency. Any plumbing issue that must be solved immediately requires emergency plumbing. But don’t worry. For emergency plumbing in Las Vegas, call Priority Services immediately.

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Blocked drain pipes, backups in toilets, blocked sewage pipes, burst water pipes in kitchens, bathrooms or elsewhere, and flooded basements- these are some of the issues our emergency plumbers respond too. Water leaks have to be tackled immediately lest they damage valuable possessions. We respond to these plumbing emergencies on a regular basis.

Water Damage from a burst pipe can be scary and requires immediate attention. For example, one of our clients a bit outside of Las Vegas had stored his record collection in his basement. Unfortunately, a water pipe burst in the basement the night before. When the client noticed it, his record collection was nearly on the verge of being flooded by the water.

The client did not want to step into the water, because he feared that there was an open electrical connection in the water. So he called us. We dispatched a van and a pump immediately. Our technicians did what they had to do to stem the leak and remove the water, quickly. Luckily, we were able to save the record collection and minimize any damage.

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A plumbing emergency is a job for a professional. You need someone who can keep calm and concentrate on the job, so that it can be solved in the quickest time possible. There may be some valuable equipment and possessions that need saving too. So only a professional plumber is suitable for this role. If you are in Las Vegas and you need emergency plumbing services, don’t stress. Pick up the phone and call Priority Services of Las Vegas immediately. We also serve Henderson and Clark County.

Call Priority Services any time, 24/7, for emergency plumbing in Las Vegas.