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Furnace Installation

Selecting a Furnace for your Las Vegas Home

Furnace Install Las VegasWhen installing a furnace in your home, it becomes very important to identify the appropriate type that would meet your specific requirements. It is highly recommended that home owners hire professionals to help them in furnace installation. Different types of furnace models are available with varying sizes and heating capacities. Priority Services of Las Vegas offers professional furnace installation services and SPECIALIZES in helping you find the right kind of furnace for your home or commercial building.

Call Us for Furnace Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Offering personalized solutions is the key factor that distinguishes Priority Service of Las Vegas Solutions from other companies offering installation, maintenance and repair of heating systems. If you are in Las Vegas, call Priority Services for furnace installation and also schedule yearly maintenance and cleaning visits.

Furnace Installation Tips

There is much to consider when selecting a furnace. When it comes to installing a furnace we take every little detail into account to make sure your new furnace is properly installed and that all goes smoothly. Here are some tips or things to consider that could help you get your home ready for a smooth furnace installation.

  • It all starts by preparing a suitable place for furnace installation. Sometimes putting isolation pads (made from rubber) for minimizing the noise from the furnace or using bricks or concrete blocks for leveling up the furnace at least four inches above the floor if you wish to install it in an area like the basement.
  • It is vital to seal ducts properly, once the positioning of the unit is done.
  • Check if the person installing the furnace is tilting the furnace pipes backwards (recommended tilt is one-fourth inch per four feet). This is important for condensation of pipes.
  • Ensure that all pipes are nicely secured. Also identify any distinctive odors once the gas has been turned on. Professional services do checks to see if there are any leaks or if vents are blocked. This is crucial for the maintenance of the unit.

We make sure you get the right furnace unit for your homes needs and we make sure the furnace is properly installed for many years of optimal service. Call Priority Services today.