Electric Heating Installation

If you need to repair or purchase an electric furnace or heating system, Priority Services of Las Vegas can help. We offer electric furnace and heater installation or repair and can also help you select the best heating system for your home. Electric heat is a good alternative to gas heat in the Las Vegas area and our heating professionals are skilled in installing and repairing whole-house or one-room electric heating systems.

Electric Heating Repair In Las Vegas

If you’ve recently had an addition to your home or just want to heat a cold room, electric heat is a good option, and Priority Services can help you make the best choice for your home. In addition to providing electric heating repair, we also install new systems. Electric systems are easy to install because they don’t require a gas source, flue or pipework. They can be installed almost anywhere in the room, so there are no design restrictions. They can be placed at the floor level or higher up on the wall. The only connection that needs to be made is with the electrical circuit in the home or in the room.

Energy Efficient Electric Heaters

At Priority Services, we think one of the greatest things about electric heaters is that they can be used only when necessary. If we install an electric heater for you in a room that you don’t use often, you can keep the electric heater off and only use it when necessary. This provides great savings in energy costs because you’re only heating the room when needed.

Safe & Reliable

Electric furnaces and heaters don’t have the possible dangers that gas furnaces have. For example, with gas heaters, you must worry about carbon monoxide issues and gas explosions. You also don’t have to worry about the pilot light going out and having to reignite it for the furnace to start working again. Electric is also safer than radiator heat because you don’t need to worry about the radiator leaking or exploding.

Additional Benefits of Electric Heating

In addition to the above benefits of ease of installation, efficient, and safe, there are many other benefits Priority Services wants you to consider when choosing an electric furnace or heater to heat your entire home or just a room or two. Those benefits include:

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Low Installation Costs
  • Reliable
  • Better Temperature Choices
  • Spot Heating

Electric Heater Installation & Repair In Las Vegas

Our staff of heating and cooling experts are here to install or repair your electric heater in Las Vegas. At Priority Services in Las Vegas, we look forward to hearing about your needs and helping you decide which type of heating is best for your situation. Contact us today.


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