Slab leaks occur under the foundation (or slab) or your home. These types of foundations are used throughout the U.S, in places like Las Vegas were most houses don’t have basements. Slab leaks are a serious problem for homeowners.

If you need sewer line repair in Las Vegas, call Priority Services of Las Vegas. A clogged or broken sewer line can lead to significant drainage and property damage issues. So, you want those pipes fixed as soon as possible. Our expert plumbers have the tools and expertise to assess the situation and solve the problem.

Choosing to repair or replace a water heater is not always an easy decision, but Priority Services of Las Vegas is here to walk through all the options and help you to make the best decision for your home. Whether you have a leaking water heater, or just notice it takes too long to get hot water, there are many things to consider.

If you're ready to update or upgrade the toilets, faucets and other plumbing fixtures in your home, contact Priority Services of Las Vegas. If you need toilet installation, kitchen or bathroom faucet replacement, or a leaky shower repaired, we've got you covered. If water can't flow When you invest in new plumbing fixtures, you'll improve the efficiency of the water system in your home by keeping it flowing smoothly.

At Priority Services of Las Vegas, we specialize in home water filtration systems for your family. If you are looking to introduce a water filtration system to your home you’ll benefit from our expertise. Whether you need a simple sink water filter or a whole house water filter system, our team can help.

Priority Services of Las Vegas can help you identify if hydro jetting is a solution for your home draining problems.  Running water is a commodity we tend to take for granted until it stops running. Backed up or slow moving drains can indicate an issue only a professional can take care of. If you are experiencing slow draining or clogs within your plumbing, we can help.

For experts in slab leak repair, call Priority Services of Las Vegas. Have you been hearing strange noises in the night, like water running? Is there a musty smell in your basement that cannot be accounted for? Before you call the ghost hunters, call Priority Services of Las Vegas to check your home for a slab leak.

Make sure we’re your first call for plumbing remodeling in Las Vegas. No homeowner wants to deal with the hassle of repiping or plumbing rerouting, but we make the process as streamlined and affordable as possible. Inferior or aging plumbing will inevitably cause headaches, but if you know the pros and cons of the situation, you can be prepared to take the next steps.


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