Learn about the U.S. regulation that prohibits the manufacturer of R-22 refrigerant. Also know as "Freon" this chemical is becoming harder to find and more expensive. Find out if your AC unit is affected by this change.

Slab leaks occur under the foundation (or slab) or your home. These types of foundations are used throughout the U.S, in places like Las Vegas were most houses don’t have basements. Slab leaks are a serious problem for homeowners.

As an essential business, Priority Services of Las Vegas is maintaining normal business hours and conducting home visits. As a result, we want to make sure everyone, our employees and especially our customers are save during these visits. Learn about the steps and practices Priority Services of Las Vegas are exercising to insure everyone is safe during the era of Covid-19.

There is nothing more important than clean air. Let our team of professionals help you purify the air in your home or business by filtering toxic air out, leaving you with healthier, cleaner air. Call us for a free quote.


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