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Is Your Air Conditioner Ready for the Las Vegas Heat?

You know, scorching summer temperatures are always around the corner in the desert. And if you’re worried about how well your AC will be able to keep up on those triple-digit days, it’s time to upgrade to a new system.

There are a few questions you should ask yourself about your current AC system:

 Does your unit run too long to meet your cooling needs?
 Are your energy bills too high?
 Does your unit make excessive or strange noises?
 Is it leaking?
 Does your unit always run?
 Does it NOT blow cold air?
 Does it NOT respond to changes made on the thermostat?

If you checked any of the boxes above and/or your unit is 15+ years old and uses Freon, it’s time to consider a new AC unit. You will enjoy many benefits with your new air conditioning system.

air conditioning installation las vegas

Benefits of a New Air Conditioner Installation

  • Enjoy Lower Energy Bills
  • Eliminate Uneven Temps Through Your Home
  • Get Dependable, Consistent AC Performance
  • Add Value to Your Home
  • No More Breakdowns! No More Repair Calls! No More Service Charges!

new ac unit installations done by priority services of las vegas

What AC System Should You Get?

To begin, make an appointment for an evaluation of your home’s AC unit.

One of our certified technicians will do a proper load evaluation to determine the size of unit you will need. Factors to consider include your home’s square footage, windows, insulation, and duct work. AC units come in many sizes for every type of home. And our professional AC service tech can help you determine your best options.

load calculations - finding the best ac unit for your home

Look for ENERGY STAR® rated central air conditioner. These appliances can save up to 25% in energy savings when compared to standard units.

As the homeowner, you have many options available to you when it comes to AC brands. We carry and install many brands, including:

  • Rheem
  • Amana
  • Lennox
  • Goodman
  • Trane

Not seeing something on the list? Don’t worry. We’ve worked on most. Speak with your AC tech when he evaluates your old AC unit for options.

Air Conditioning Installation for Las Vegas

We are local and have been since 2002. You won’t hear about us on the radio like you do those big, National chains. We know we must work harder to make a happy customer. And we do. Everyday.

You also receive some amazing benefits working with the best AC company in Las Vegas:

  • Affordable and Upfront Pricing. No Hidden Fees. No Oversell.
  • No-Obligation Quote
  • Financing Available
  • Your Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Complete Inspection and Diagnostic of Your Home AC System
  • Fast, Friendly, and Reliable

Take action now before the heat hits! Schedule an appointment for find your options for air conditioning installation.  Contact Priority Services of Las Vegas at (702) 213-9865 to schedule today.

We serve the Las Vegas area, including Henderson and North Las Vegas.  Let us help you with your AC problems!  Act now and take advantage of this special offer below.

I some cases, a new installation might not be necessary.  Simple AC repairs or even a tune-up can optimize your current air conditioner for maximum performance.


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