Duct Cleaning

For AC duct cleaning, contact Priority Services of Las Vegas. With our dusty conditions, owning a home in the state of Nevada sometimes requires an extra set of hands to achieve optimal indoor air quality. Duct and vent cleaning is often overlooked as a necessary part of home maintenance. It is estimated that an average six-room home accumulates nearly 40 pounds of dust every year and much of that dander and dirt collects in spaces that are inaccessible to most vacuums or household cleaning appliances.

How Often Should AC Ducts Be Cleaned?

It is typically suggested to have an AC duct inspection performed every 3-5 years. Those living with indoor smokers, pets, or anyone sensitive to allergies should have duct cleaning performed on a more regular basis. If your home has experienced any water damages in or around your AC ducts, it is essential to have an inspection completed in order to rule out any mold. You should schedule an AC duct inspection and cleaning if you notice or suspect:

  • Visible Mold Growth
  • Ducts Infested With Rodents Or Insects
  • Clogged With Dust & Debris

Clean Ducts Are Good For Air Quality

Duct cleaning involves cleaning various components of heating and cooling systems such as the supply and return air ducts, grilles, diffusers, heat exchangers, heating and cooling coils, drip pans, fan motor and housing, and the air handling unit housing. At Priority Services, our technicians are qualified to clean all components of your forced air system. Some of the contaminants found in AC ducts can cause allergic reactions in some people who are exposed.

Leave It Up To The Pros

If air ducts are cleaned improperly, you could end up with a more significant problem than you started with. When an inadequate vacuum collection system is used, you can have more dust, dander, and other contaminants released into the air than if the ducts were left alone. Improper cleaning could result in damage to your ducts or heating and cooling system, and even worse, costly repairs. We are a licensed and bonded company having experience with any size AC system and we implement procedures that keep your family, pets, and home safe from contamination.

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AC duct cleaning can be easy and convenient when you choose Priority Services of Las Vegas. Our team has the knowledge and experience to clean any duct system and improve your indoor air quality. Give us a call today to schedule a duct cleaning inspection.

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