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Attic Insulation & Attic Solar Fans

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To be honest attic insulation and attic solar fans isn’t very sexy, but it sure does keep your house cooler, and reduces the load on your air conditioning system.

At Priority Services of Las Vegas, we don’t just do air conditioning repair, but we can handle everything in your home that affects your comfort. Adding high-quality solar attic fans and newly improved attic insulation to your home may just be the most cost effective and efficient way to lower the air conditioning bill.

In the summer, specifically in Las Vegas, your attic can get hotter than 160 degrees which makes it very difficult for your Air Conditioning Unit to cool your house down.  The only way to solve this problem is to ventilate and decrease the hot air from the attic.  Attic fans will remove the large amounts of hot air in your attic.

Once the heat is in your attic, it works its way inside your home.  If your home has attic fans you can cool down the attic temperature by as much as 20 degrees.  You get all of this from the free power of the sun!!!

We use Solar Attic Fans that have the best-built attic fans around when it comes to high-quality materials, quiet and maintenance free.

The comfort of your home is our goal and leaving you 100% satisfied is our mission.  At the same time check out these great benefits of Solar Attic Fans:

  1. Lower Your Energy Consumption
  2. Harness The Sun And Use It To Your Advantage
  3. Increase the life of your roof system
  4. Solar Fans Are Whisper Quiet
  5. Pays For Itself In A Very Short Time
  6. No Wiring
  7. Reduces The Load On Your Air Conditioning System
  8. 5 Year Parts Warranty


Attic InsulationAir Conditioning does not do what most people think.  The system is designed to remove heat, in the absence of heat you attain cooling.  Have you ever wondered why your home in Las Vegas is much warmer in the late afternoon?  The original insulation in the attic was designed to give you an R value of 30.  As the years progress the insulation will compress from dirt and age reducing the R value to amounts as low as 10.  As we all know heat will gather in the attic, and the reduction of R value will usually hold back the heat for 5 to 7 hours at which time the heat begins to enter your home.

By adding blown in insulation we can increase the R value by as much as 60, which will hold the heat from entering your home.  Your Air Conditioning System will not need to work as hard to maintain the temperature you desire in your home.  The average air conditioner in Las Vegas works over 2,000 hours per season compared to Chicago which works an average of 150 hours per season.  Everything you do to make your system work less saves you money.

So how much money would you save?  Here is an example:  if your home is 1,500 square feet and your current insulation was about 6 inches thick your R value is about 13.  Let’s say the outside temperature is 115 degrees, and your attic is 140 degrees.  The amount of heat gain in your home would be about 5,800 BTU per hour.  This means your Air Conditioner would be required to reduce the heat load by about ½ ton per hour.  If you add blown in attic insulation increasing the R value to 60, it would reduce the heat gain to about 1,250 BTU per hour.  If you are paying $.12 per KWH you would be saving about $430 per season.

If your home is over 15 years old the insulation needs to be checked.  Maybe it is time to call us and have a professional evaluation of your attic insulation.  Is it still doing the job intended?  Let’s fix the problem before another Las Vegas summer costs you more money than necessary.

Let Priority Services of Las Vegas install a Solar Attic Fan and Replace the old Attic Insulation in your home and make it energy efficient without spending a ton of money.