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Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Las Vegas Air Conditioning Maintenance

AC Tuneup Las VegasYou’ll find that air conditioners and cooling systems in general are typically worry-free when properly maintained. With a few exceptions, many of the faults and problems experienced by homeowners are due to improperly maintained or extremely old HVAC systems. So it’s fortunate there are plenty of small things home owners can do to improve the operating quality of their home cooling systems.

Then again, when you want top-of the line performance at all times, getting a full maintenance service from the professionals at Priority Services of Las Vegas you ensure the performance of your system year after year. Call us to schedule annual maintenance visits or to join our platinum maintenance plan.

Why is Maintenance So Important?

In Nevada, our air conditioners see a lot of use during the summer. The near constant use for a large part of the year puts a great deal of strain on the system. The air filter becomes dirtied, fan bearings begin to wear out, and the compressor motor suffers from excessive wear. If left unchecked, all of these things will require your unit to work much harder to cool the same area within your home. The increased cycling of your HVAC unit leads to higher energy bills and a shorter overall lifespan for the system.

Fortunately, there are maintenance items you can perform on your own. Air filters need to be replaced every three months, depending on how heavily used the central air is. A typical Las Vegas summer almost requires a three month replacement. Other maintenances are regular checks of the duct work for leaks and clogged airways, cleaning the area around your air conditioner to regulate heat dispersion, and cleaning of the condenser lines.

If you want more than just basic maintenance, that’s when you need to call Priority Services of Las Vegas. We’ll take care of the basics for you, and we’ll follow up with more advanced services such as refrigerant level checks and fan bearing maintenance.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Sometimes, remembering to schedule the annual maintenance for your HVAC system can be problematic. The best time to get your system maintained is during the spring, before you turn on your system for the first time. This is true of all systems, whether it’s an HVAC unit or a reversible heat pump.

If you’re interested in having the best in maintenance and not having to remember to schedule the maintenance yourself, sign up for our Platinum Membership Agreement. We’ll take the hassle out of making sure your cooling system works year-round in top performance!

In Las Vegas, one cannot live without properly turned air conditioning. Call Priority Services to get trained and knowledgeable professionals to have a look at your cooling system today.