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Air Conditioning Installation

Quality AC Installation In Las Vegas

Put your mind at ease when you choose us for air conditioner installation in Las Vegas. Many home service contractors will tell you that the most important day in the life of your HVAC unit is the day it’s installed. But even before your unit is installed, how well your cooling system will work is decided the moment you choose a new system. If you’re replacing an old system or installing the first air conditioner for a brand new home, choosing the right system for the space it’s in is essential.

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When you call Priority Services of Las Vegas for our air conditioner installation services, we’ll walk you through the selection of a new system if you haven’t already picked one out. We’ll measure your home and examine how much ductwork you have or will need depending on the current construction. We can even offer you multiple choices and options for a system that suits not only your home, but your budget as well. From traditional whole-home central cooling to zoned ductless air conditioners, we know it all.

Air Conditioner Replacement

AC Install VegasInstalling a new system is about more than bolting a few vents together. When you select your system to begin with you need to make sure that it’s the right size. An undersized system run continuously because it cannot keep your house cool enough. An over-sized system will cycle on-and-off as it overcools your home. While the latter may seem beneficial, the constant cycling increases wear on your system which can lead to costly repairs.

Turning a system on-and-off repeatedly throughout the day also generates inefficiency, as the energy needed to start a cycle is greater any other equivalent point in its operation.

Once you have your system selected, the installation process needs to be done smoothly. The outdoor condenser needs to be firmly seated, with three feet of clearance around it. Refrigerant pipes need to be properly insulated and angled to allow for water drip. The condensation lines need to be angled properly to drain condensation away from the air conditioner and still keep water from pooling in your home. Finally the ventilation ducts need to be kept clean and completely sealed. Any blockages caused by improper installation will restrict air flow in your system, decreasing efficiency, driving up energy cost, and reducing over-all lifespan of your system.

The installation of your new air conditioner, whether it’s a replacement or simply a brand new installation needs to be done properly. With care and maintenance, your air conditioner should last for a long time to come without major repairs.

To have your new system installed properly today, call Priority Services of Las Vegas today.