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Heat pump installationHeat Pump Installation

For experts on heat pump maintenance and repair, Priority Services of Las Vegas is the company to call. The heat pump is a crucial component of any heating or air conditioning unit. Keeping it running efficiently is vital to how well the temperature in your home environment is regulated.

The Advantages of a Heat Pump

Although the name “heat pump” is an accurate description of this unit’s function, it does not fully describe the versatility in temperature maintenance that it provides. Basically, the way the heat pump works is to move heat from a cooler space to a warmer space. Because it moves heat, rather than generates heat, it is more efficient and more economical.

The heat pump functions for both heating and cooling. The heat is also distributed more evenly throughout the house. A heat pump can also function as assistance to traditional heating systems, creating a better all around heating setup.

Regular Maintenance

Like any heating or cooling system, there are some simple things you can do to keep your unit functioning efficiently. recommends that you change the filters monthly, or as often as needed. They also suggest you turn off the power to the fan and clean it occasionally, as well as making sure any vegetation or clutter growing around the outdoor unit is removed. also recommends a yearly visit from a professional technician such as Priority Services of Las Vegas. Priority Services will check for any leaks, maintain the motors, inspect the electric terminals, and anything else required to keep your heat pump running with utmost efficiency.

When Repair is Required

Priority Services are experts at installing, maintaining, servicing and repairing heat pump systems.  When your heat pump is not working properly, a Priority Services certified HVAC technician will be happy to come to your home to diagnose and make the needed repairs.

Why repair or replace your heat pump?

  • Provides better energy efficiency
  • Catching a problem early will minimize the impact on other parts of the heat pump and thereby extend the life of the unit
  • Economical
  • More even heat distribution

The Best Price In Town

Priority Services of Las Vegas provide a thorough and budget-friendly maintenance and repair service by certified HVAC technicians who are up to date with any changes in the HVAC industry. We have been serving the Las Vegas area for over 10 years and maintain a high rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Call The Experts

If you are looking to install a heat pump, or for service for an existing heat pump, Priority Services of Las Vegas is ready to assist you. Contact us today for more information.